Horizon 2020 strongly supports Innovation

Norway’s overall contribution to Horizon 2020 is expected to be NOK 16 billion.

Horizon 2020 is the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation to boost research, innovation and competitiveness in Europe (2014 – 2020). It focuses on turning innovative ideas into viable products and services that provide business opportunities and change people’s life for the better. Horizon 2020 will support all stages in the innovation cycle, providing funding from idea to market.

Horizon 2020’s main objectives are:

  1. Strengthen Industrial Leadership in innovation with specific support for SMEs and a dedicated budget of EUR 17938 million (ca NOK 135 milliard).
  2. Strengthen Europe’s position as a world leader in Science with a dedicated budget of EUR 24598 million (NOK 185 milliard).
  3. Dedicate a budget of EUR 31738 (NOK 240 milliard) to address important Societal Challenges such as
    1. Climate change
    2. Developing sustainable transport and mobility
    3. Making renewable energy more affordable
    4. Ensuring food safety and security
    5. Coping with the challenge of an ageing population.

Norway’s Minister of Education and Research Kristin Halvorsen pointed out in a press release that “the European collaboration on research and innovation is important because it enhances the quality of Norwegian research, it enables us to contribute ourselves, and it gives us better access to international knowledge development. This in turn leads to innovation.”

The Director General of the Research Council Arvid Hallén comment that “The EU’s new framework programme for research and innovation will open up a wide range of opportunities. The programme will make it possible for Norwegian researchers to establish cooperation with the best international actors, both in projects aimed at solving the Societal Challenges and in projects aimed at developing innovative capacity within industry.”

Nofas is now planning ahead for the new Horizon2020 to continue its great success in the outrunning EU 7th Framework Programme. Nofas is expanding its EU Business Unit further on to give best services to our clients. Going for EU-Funding is a business strategic decision and needs to be planned in a long term. Therefore, contact us now and we will discuss with you your project idea and your EU funding opportunities.