Horizon 2020 is launched – A 79 billion Euro boost for innovation

Demands an increased participation of Norwegian Industry to Horizon 2020.

The president of NHO (Confederation of Norwegian Enterprises), Tore Ulstein, demands an increased participation of Norwegian Industry to Horizon 2020.

Friday, 6th December 2013, was the official Launching Event of Horizon 2020 in Oslo with national and international top  speakers from EU, research, industry and politics.

Horizon 2020 is the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation to increase research, innovation and competitiveness in Europe (2014 – 2020). The main focus is on turning innovative ideas into new highly competitive products and services that provide international business opportunities and change people’s life for the better. Horizon 2020 will support all stages in the innovation cycle, providing funding from the idea to the market roll out.NHO’s president, Tore Ulstein – Norwegian companies need research to be innovative and demands an increased participation of the Norwegian Industry to Horizon 2020.

Tore Ulstein says that the key of success for industrial leadership is research-based innovation and the work within strong clusters of companies and research organisations such as research institutes, university colleges and universities, and other stakeholders. As the Chairman of the Board and Deputy CEO of the Ulstein Group, he explained that the major success of the Ulstein Group is based on this strategy. Unfortunately, he has noticed that Norwegian companies have decreased their participation in the former EU Framework Programmes (FP) from 33 % in FP4 (1994–1998) down to 15 % in FP7 (2007-2013). Tore Ulstein would like to see that this share increases again and explained that Horizon 2020 is extremely attractive for Norwegian companies since it offers reasonable and relevant priorities for the Norwegian Industry while having the great opportunity to access public funding, international networks and international markets.

European Commission – Horizon 2020 offers great opportunities for Norway.
The General Director of the DG RTD at the European Commission, Robert-Jan Smiths, explained that Horizon 2020 is with a total budget of just over EUR 79 billion 30 % higher than the previous Framework Programme (FP7, 2007-2013) and as a response to the economic crisis is focusing much more on translating knowledge into innovation and the market to create jobs and substantial growth in Europe.

Norway has done very well in FP7 with an overall success rate of 24.5 % and would like to see a continuation of this success in the new Horizon 2020 program.

Opportunities for Norway:

  • Strengthening industrial competitiveness
  • Building up excellence
  • Accessing a wide range of European Research Infrastructures
  • International Networking
  • Training of staff
  • New level of Benchmarking
  • Expanding to new markets and business
  • Strong focus to support SMEs

Norway’s Minister of Education and Research – Shift research into a higher gear.
Norway’s new Minister of Education and Research, Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, wants to place higher priority on internationalisation of research and encourage an increased participation under Horizon 2020. He is planning to publish in spring 2014 a National Strategy for Cooperation within the European Research Area. He says “Norway is a strong and visible partner in Europe”.

Research Council of Norway – The opportunities are endless – use them!
CEO of the Research Council of Norway, Arvid Hallén, pointed out that the European and Norwegian Research and Innovation policies are aligned. The Research Council’s International Strategy (2010–2020) is that “All National programmes and activities must have a plan for international cooperation”.

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